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If you are thinking about a new roof, give us a call.  We specialize in Standing Seam Metal, Slate, Copper, and Asphalt Shingles.Most small roofing companies around are not fully insured as they say.  Fully Insured means: they have Workman’s Compensation, Liability Insurance, and Commercial Insurance on their vehicles.  Roofing is one of the MOST dangerous jobs there is.  If they fall off your roof without Workman’s Compensation the responsibility falls onto the homeowner.  If they rip your old roof off and it rains in your house and they don’t have Liability Insurance the responsibility falls onto the homeowner.  You can check on the State of Vermont’s Website and you will be surprised to see that most of these companies doing business as roofers are not even registered with the state. Let’s face it…A roof is a HUGE investment and should last a lifetime.  What separates us from all the other smaller roofing companies is that we do carry Workman’s Compensation (on all our employees), and we do carry Liability Insurance, and we carry Commercial Insurance on ALL our vehicles.  We don’t just say ‘we are fully insured’, WE ARE FULLY INSURED!!We have 28 years experience in Metal, Asphalt, Copper, and Slate.  With the ever changing Roofing Industry, every year we travel to learn all the latest Roofing Technologies.  You see…roofing is not only our livelihood, IT’S OUR LIFE!! We treat your roof like it's our roof and wouldn't do anything to it that we wouldn't do to our own house.WHO ARE WE?We are a 3rd generation Roofer with excellent references.  We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and Haag Certified Roof Inspectors…We know our roofs. We are also Certified Solar PV Professionals.
At Miles Roofing, Inc. we have our own Roll Former Machine for Standing Seam Metal Roof, that’s so you don’t end up with the metal roof panels all over your lawn…they are cut to the length of your roof.  We also have a Commercial Brake mounted to one of our trucks for custom on site metal work.  We have invested in our company so you know we will invest in your house.So, for peace of mind that your roof will be done by a Professional Roofer, on time, and with no mess to pick up, then call US!!  What separates us from the BIG roofing companies is…The owner is there all the while your roof is being installed, we don’t sub-contract our jobs out, unsupervised kids won’t show up to install your roof.  We stand behind what we do.  Any problems?...we WILL call you back, where most big companies could care less.  But if you still feel compelled to have the other companies install your roof and they won’t return your phone calls or come back to fix their leaks then call us…we won’t take a leak on you. 
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