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Here is something you should consider when choosing a roof design for your house and climate, which most roofers don’t know.
‘Defective design work contributes to more than 50% of the roofing failures, defective workmanship accounts for about 30% of the total roofing failures.  Most of the errors by contractors are due to ignorance about the consequences of their actions and absence or poor supervision’.( “Roofing Failures” by Carl G. Cash)
These are the AVERAGE estimated service life years for the following systems…
~Asphalt-Fiberglass Shingles or Organic Shingles 
     30, 40, & 50 Year fiberglass-
        8-17.5 years within our climate, that is installed correctly & vented properly.
**Please keep in mind that any Shingle Company can write down as many years as they want and that their shingles will last but most warranties only cover 8 1/2”x11” (piece of paper) and are not very waterproof.   In our experience warranties and snow have much in common…they both change to water.
~Wooden Shakes-treated
       12.5 years.
~Wooden Shakes-untreated
       12.5 years.
~Natural slate-
       80 years if properly maintained yearly.
~EPDM (Rubber)-
       14.2 years, if installed properly.
~Standing Seam Metal Roof
       27.8 years, if installed properly.

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